ALL SIZE agency was founded by TOPGIIRL the world's largest No Scream movement in 2016 and, like most creative companies, it was born out of necessity. The co-founders recognized the need for an agency to celebrate and represent the diversity of beauty, regardless of size or age... Together, the team has grown incredibly, even more exciting than anticipated. The ALL SIZE Agency fights against size criteria and changes fashion.


Models of ALL SIZES have booked major campaigns, from Nike to Black Pyramid, and have appeared in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, i-D and almost every major publication in the world. Never one agency has been afraid to take on a challenge, ALL SIZE agency is known for taking a girl or boy who doesn't quite fit the fashion diktat and bringing him or her into the fashion world.


Being part of the ALL SIZE Band family means much more than just model/agent relationships. It means being part of a team that cares about your well-being and your career.

TOPGIIRL est la seul plateforme en FRANCE qui met en lien les modèles influents et les marque .

Vous souhaitez créer une campagne de pub avec des influenceurs ? 

Vous souhaitez vendre un produit par le bié de nos influenceurs ? 

TOPGIIRL Influencer répond à toutes ces questions grâce son équipe performante qui s'occupe des modèles influents et des marques  . 

TOPGIIRL : 4 rue gabriel Fauré 75017 PARIS / 07 68 78 82 88